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Staff-base.net - service for controlling the time when employees arrive at the office.

Hello, our project staff-base.net, currently solves one problem that is very important for the manager - it fixes the time of arrival of office workers at the workplace, which helps employers to deal with employees being late for work.

The principle of operation is very simple. The general meaning is as follows.

Upon arrival at the office, each employee enters our site under the login of one of the social networks. Then he presses the button - "I came to work." We record the time of arrival at work and the place from which the button of arrival was pressed. Arrival times are compared to office hours. The conclusion is made whether the employee was late.

When leaving work, if the employer needs it, the employee can press the button “Left work”, thereby fixing the time of leaving work.

In this case, the head receives information at all offices about the time of arrival and departure of subordinates.

Our service is for you if:

- You just want to control the timing of arrival of office employees in the workplace;

- each office employee has a computer and the Internet;

- you have a permanent IP address (you can check with your provider, but in 99% of cases it is);

- You do not want to spend a lot of money on solving this problem.

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