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How To Prepare For An Interview. Professional Tips

There’s so much generic information on the internet about interviews. Get a fresh perspective—8 insightful interview tips you should have known earlier!

What qualities should you expect from a sales manager?

Description of the personal qualities of the seller, qualities for working in a team and when communicating with customers, as well as in relations with management. Criteria for the selection of sales managers.

Work under control! Use this non-generic employee management app

There a lot of buzz about the new StaffBase Android application. Is it just another generic employee management app or is it actually a gamechanger?

Effective employee time tracking. How to do it the right way?

Do you want an employee time tracking solution that offers non-generic and yet efficient time tracking?. Check out Staffbase. It’s your only shot!

What you should do if you have perpetually late employees?

Consistently late employees can have a significant negative impact not only on the productivity of the organization but also on the morale of other employees who show up earlier.

How to choose the best HR software which suits your needs?

Implementing HR software sure comes with a plethora of benefits. However, this only holds true if you find the right one. Read this article to save yourself from buyer’s remorse

How to deal with late employees?

Dealing with late employees can be a big challenge as a manager. Here`s the ultimate solution!