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Every manager admits that they have encountered numerous late employees in their career. Whilst it's no news that once in a while, employees tend to be late for work, however, there is a rare spec of employees that tend to push the envelope too far. According to a study published by, The Independent, “Staff lateness 'costs the economy £9 billion every year!”

As a manager, it is very important to monitor the arrival time of your employees. There are many ways in which you can deal with late employees. These can be manual, software, employee time tracking apps etc. Whatever employee time tracking method you choose, you will find that each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Take a look at the following and see which method will work best for you:

  1. Keep an Account log:

    • Pros

      + An attendance system is very easy to implement.

      + It's a very simple time tracker to monitor late employees and you don't have to hire new staff.

    • Cons

      - It can be easily compromised if there is no one to closely monitor what time the employee writes on the log.

      - The controlling person is more likely to be the employee's friend.

      - The additional workload on the employee responsible for the journal might affect his or her productivity in the main work.

  2. Walk around the office:

    • Pros

      + Very easy to implement

      + Its a good opportunity to socialize with your employees and get to know your them.

    • Cons

      - Walking around the office every day can be tiring and even worse maintaining an account log for employees with flexible hours. This can distract you from your other duties as a manager.

      - If the company has several departments, you will have to appoint numerous people in each department which is less likely to be successful

      - The process is almost impossible in a large office with a large number of employees. You might not be able to recognize late employees by simply walking around.

  3. Software Programs:

    • Pros

      + Accurate and reliable control of employees time

      + Many useful features such as being able to view the employees` work history, hours tracker etc.

    • Cons

      - In order to get quality services of this nature, you will have to pay expensive subscriptions and also employ a few people to monitor these late employees management tools.

      - You will have to pay $ 5-6 a month per employee which can be very expensive if you have many employees.

  4. ACS:

    • Pros

      + Comfortable and convenient for employees

      + Great features which allow you to view history, productivity tracker, work hours tracker etc.

    • Cons

      - Very expensive to install

      - You might have to buy new equipment needed to implement the system.

      - You will have to hire a specialist or more for managing and organizing access to new employees.

Okay...What's the ultimate solution?

As you have noticed, for most of the solutions mentioned above, the disadvantages actually tend to override the benefits. Apart from that, in today's digital world, most employees are either remote workers or they work flexible hours. This consequently cancels solution 1, 2 and 4. According to a study published by Zug, a Swiss-based serviced office provider IWG, over 53% of workers, work remotely at least half a week and over 70% of workers work at least one day a week from home.

What you really need is a solid employee time-arrival management tool that entirely takes over the burden of managing the arrival of your employees 100%. This is where staffBase comes in hand. Unlike other paranoid late employees time management surveillance tools which rather put chronic stress on your employees rather than doing good, staffBase takes a much more flexible and friendly approach.

With staffBase`s HR service you will be able to solve complex managerial problems faced by many companies in a few clicks! We are first a Human Resources service provider before we are a business. Our goal is to help managers around the world to focus on the growth of their businesses, whilst we entirely take over the burden of employees` working schedule.

The upside to staffBase is that it leaves both parties, happy! Neither you or your employees will feel cheated. Your employees will get every penny they have worked for and you won`t have to pay for any unworked hours by late employees

staffBase accommodates all your workers, both those working flexible hours and those with fixed hours. Our design team has come up with a very friendly user interface which can be easily used by all the employees.

There is more!

It's amazing how much staffBase has achieved in its short stay in business. Now that we are expanding internationally our team is working tirelessly to improve our service. Any suggestions, queries will always be welcomed with a smile by our support team. Don`t hesitate to contact us!