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Reports to monitor the arrival of employees to work

Staff-base.net service contains various reports that satisfy the need for control of both the employer and employees

Reports for the head:

Reports for employees:

Manager Reports

Journal of accounting of working hours (arrival and departure of employees

Displays information for the period about the time of arrival, departure of employees, hours worked, lateness.

журнал прихода и ухода сотрудников в сервисе StaffBase

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Employee Summary Report

Displays summary information for each employee about hours worked and delays for a certain period of time.

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Daily report


Manager Report
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Graph report

The report "Total time of lateness" allows you to graphically evaluate the loss of working time by day.

The report "Attendance statistics" allows you to see the dynamics of the arrival time of employees by day.

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Daily report sent by e-mail to the head.

This report allows the manager to monitor the arrival of employees at work simply by looking at the mail.

Daily report to e-mail

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Reports for employees.

Daily report

office employee arrival report

The report is built on a daily basis. The basic information for controlling the arrival to the office is the columns “arrival time”, “office”. The “office” column indicates the name of the office or a red comment - “out of office”. This means that the employee did not press the button “Come to work” from the office computer network, in other words - he was not in the office at the time of pressing.

The “Status” column informs whether the employee arrived at work on time or was late.

The column “Worked out” shows the employee’s working time if he, having left work, pressed the button “Left work”. For the current day, even if the “Out of work” button was not pressed, the time from the moment of coming to work - pressing the “Came to work” button is fixed in this column.

When you click on the button “Quit work”, time and address of care are entered.

If an employee wants or needs to explain the reason for late coming to work or leaving, then next to the buttons “Came to work” and “Left work” there are fields for entering comments.

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Graphical reports

Graphical reports allow you to see how much information about lateness and arrival times in a convenient graphical form.

employee schedules

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